Price List


Left Chest/Hat Digitizing = $15
  Designs less than 6" circle regardless of stitch count.
*Jacket Back Digitizing = $15
  Designs larger than 6" regardless of stitch count.
Simple Vector Art = $15
Complex Art = $25
  Art having multiple effects like shading, half tones and raster images.
  Stitch count quotes are provided within 6 hours of submission at no charge. Finished design may vary significantly based on the final instructions issued at production but we always do our best to stay within 25% of the quoted total. It is very important you provide the size required for the design and what it will be embroidered on.
Money Back Guarantee
  If you are not happy with your design then we can revise but if still you have some issues then we will refund
your amount or digitize your next logo for same price.
        We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  *A1digitizing understands that in some cases where design will exceed 6" but should not be charged a full $30 Jacket Back Charge. However, our automated billing cannot make such determinations. If a customer feels a design is very simple but exceeds the 6" restriction they should email us to request a price review.


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